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[ profile] ozmissage gave me this meme after lengthy discussions about "what our shipping and character preference say about us." This one's just about characters, maybe I'll alter it and do a "pairings" one later.

List fifteen (or however many) of your favorite characters from different fandoms and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, if they're so inclined.

Not a comprehensive list, more of a sampling.
Duke Crocker, Haven
Gale Hawthorne, The Hunger Games (books)
Stephen Holder, The Killing
Chon McAlister, Savages & Kings of Cool (books)
Sawyer Ford, Lost (pre-season 5, sorry guys)
Kenzi, Lost Girl (picking only one from this fandom was hard... because Tamsin!)
Pacey Witter, Dawson's Creek
Felix, Orphan Black
Topher Brink, Dollhouse
Hanna Marin, Pretty Little Liars
Fiona Gallagher, Shameless US (also a hard choice! because Karen! And Lip! But mostly Karen.)
Clayton "Jonesy" Jones, Carnivale
Brad Colbert, Generation Kill
Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars
Kara Thrace, Battlestar Galactica
Katherine Pierce, The Vampire Diaries
Cristina Yang, Grey's Anatomy
Brian Kinney, Queer as Folk US
Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly

For the record, there were certain fandoms *cough*FridayNightLights*cough* that I just couldn't pick one favorite character. It was just too cruel.
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Unpopular opinion alert!


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Hi guys! I'm back for my bi-weekly visit!
(Is it wrong to have an OT3 for Singin' in the Rain?)

First of all, I need to say that I miss writing fic like you wouldn't believe. I think I might try and do that more often. Like tell myself I'll at least write a drabble a week if nothing else. I need to keep my hand in. I feel so out of it and it makes me sad. So yeah. No less than a drabble a week until the end of the year? I think I can commit to that completely achievable goal.

Second of all, here's a brief list of stuff I NEED IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW (or maybe I just need to buckle down and write it myself, take note):

- Matt/Elena (TVD), feeding turns to *ahem* fic. (Because it needs to happen.)
- Duke/Audrey (Haven), basically anything with angst and shirts on the floor and stuff (and actually [ profile] mollivanders wrote this amazing fic, so I suppose its my turn?)
- Alex/Arizona (Greys), I would write this myself but they make me too distressed. DISTRESSED. Cannot wait for next week's episode.
- Lemon/Wade or Lemon/Lavon, I'll take either. (Come to think of it Wade/Annabeth would be awesome.)
- Ruby/David (OUAT), I am preparing to dodge rotten tomatoes on this one.
- Um, these guys:

image by marylou on tumblr

I have been sick (with a cold!) these last two days which somewhat explains my extended time online. I ended up having a chance to finish marathoning season 1 of Once Upon a Time and catch up with the first three eps of season 2. I did not expect to like that show that much. I will admit that because of the nature of the show often focusing on one character's backstory during season 1 a handful of episodes did drag for me. But most of all I loved it to bits. Especially all of the powerful, female characters, despite the fact that some of them are based on helpless damsel-in-distress princesses. It's fantastic. And magical. /cheese.

Speaking of television, I still haven't been watching any sitcoms, and I did not pick up any of the new shows this season. Why? Well, I don't know. I told [ profile] slybrunette that I'm probably subconsciously rejecting new TV because I am still pissed about The Killing. God, it still hurts. A lot.

Lately I keep thinking about how I'm excited for Shameless and The Newsroom to come back even though I know that won't happen until next year sometime for both shows. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever told you guys I marathoned The Newsroom a couple of months ago and loved it.

There are a lot of mirroring critics out there all saying kind of the same thing. But I watch a lot of television and movies and this show is no worse at writing women than at least 70% of what's out there, so I feel like a lot of the chorus is unfounded. Seems like the expectations are just so incredibly high because it's HBO and it's Aaron Sorkin at the same time. Coupled with the fact that Sorkin has said some not-so-awesome things publicly that have gotten him a lot of flack for the same issues so people are more eager to criticize his work. I also really love Sloan Sabbith played by Olivia Munn who apparently has her own critics... for being a girl, famous, and hot? (As far as I can tell!) Basically my reaction to both things can be illustrated by the following GIF:

Not to end on a sour note, here's a meme I stole from [ profile] mollivanders, with some alterations.

Comment with one of my ships and I’ll tell you:

1) who cooks normally?:
2) how often do they fight?:
3) what do they do when they’re away from each other?:
4) nicknames for each other?:
5) who is more likely to pay for dinner?:
6) who steals the covers at night?:
7) what would they get each other for gifts?:
8) what crime would they commit together?:
9) who made the first move?:
10) who remembers things?:
11) who is the big spoon/little spoon?:
12) who swears more?:
13) what would they do if the other one was hurt?:
14) what are their bad couple habits?
15) what's their morning routine?
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So I have been talking with people about Karen Jackson a lot lately, and so I thought I'd make a sort-of meta-y type post that sums up some of the conversations I've had in the comments and other places about this girl and the wank surrounding her character throughout season 2. This post is for [ profile] stainofmylove, by the way.
it's me or the baby )
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Does anybody know where I can read any good meta on this girl? I'm having all kinds of post-season-two feelings.
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Here are my truncated non-spoilery thoughts on season 2 of shameless, which I just finished watching, thank you:

→ I know Karen apparently got a bad rap this season. I can't figure out why? I still love this girl fiercely. I just want to hug her. Cannot wait for her arc next season.

→ Lip, with the angst, and Fiona, and Karen, and Ian, and Mandy! Total angst-fest. And now I totally ship Fiona/Lip and Ian/Lip. My inappropriateness lives on and knows no bounds, apparently.

→ Fiona. OH MY GOD FIONA. I just... this girl. THIS GIRL.

→ James Wolk, you were only in three episodes. But you were adorable!

→ Monica. I didn't know she had it in her. I mean this in numerous different ways.

→ Frank. WHATEVER.

→ JODY, WHAT? How did this idiot win me over? Baffled.

→ Steve/Jimmy. ♥!

→ Endless love for everything Veronica and Kevin.

→ I'm vidding this. I mean literally. I vidded 30-ish seconds tonight as a part of a challenge with [ profile] gigglemonster and instead of posting the vidlet, I'm planning on trying to vid the whole song if I can. I'll keep you updated.
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Geez, you guys. Why is this place so slow this week? I mean, it's been slow for a while but this is even worse. I know I'm not being helpful by driving everyone away with my constant fangirling over The Killing, but c'mon. Don't fail me now.

Here are a few things happening in my brain right now:

→ Vids. Vids. Vids. I told [ profile] gigglemonster that I've got The Vids: Meaning, I have all the vid bunnies, but no actual vidding is ever accomplished. If someone walks past me whistling a tune, I am like "Oh! That would make a great vid for x, y or z fandom! *dreamy sigh*" I vid in my head and it is amazing, people. (All that being said, I have a The Killing, Generation Kill, and possibly a Shameless vid in the works.)


GENERATION KILL: Why had I not watched this before now? It was glorious and I love everyone. (Well, not everyone, Trombley.) I fully give [ profile] slybrunette responsibility for this. And also, as I said on Tumblr (or somewhere) I think my ship goggles are broken. (Kaput!) Because of course I am going to totally latch onto Brad/Walt like some kind of weirdo who digs "mothering/care-taking" ships. (Who? ME? Holder/Linden, Stefan/Caroline, and speaking of shipping the wrong thing in war fandoms, Chuckler/Leckie, etc.) It's just not right. (Or fair.) Especially in a fandom that has a shit-ton of fic. It's like they're purposefully taunting me. At least [ profile] slybrunette has said she'll try to write them for me. I might die of happiness. (Also, the fact that I am capable of finding Askars attractive is a complete shock to me. Just FYI. That is not a thing I was remotely interested in at all before now. No matter how many times True Blood showed us his ass.)


SHAMELESS: I'm catching up and I'm so glad. I missed the Gallaghers. (Except for Frank, of course.) And the Jacksons and the Fisher-Balls. Etc. I love this family so much that I will essentially take them any way that I can get them. Despite the gross Frank-drama in the first few episodes, and the fact that getting episodes is a pain in the ass sometimes, I pretty much love this show as if it were my own child. True story.

→ I think I promised to write some reactions to the deluge of season finales that happened. I... kind of never did that. I really should, but the further away from them I get the more detached I feel. I am sure there are one or two shows I haven't finished yet, so I'll come back to talk about those whenever I am done. But for now I think I'll just say that most of the finales this year (for me) were underwhelming. Finales usually fall into one of two categories. You've got "Really? That's it?" And then there's "Oh my god! Why isn't next season here right now!?!" There's no middle ground.

→ Right now I am mostly just looking forward to summer shows like Haven and the good parts of So You Think You Can Dance. (Auditions this year have been kinda meh - always my least favorite part of the show and they feel like they're taking forever this year.) And I really want to watch that Daniel Gillies pilot, even if it is potentially bad, just because Daniel Gillies could pretty much get me to do anything.

→ Speaking of things I'm going to be (potentially) watching later, I recently got access to HBOgo and I am like a kid in candy store. Seriously? BEST. After Generation Kill, I think I'll end up watching Game of Thrones, despite my better judgement. In fact, I may have already started on that front. Basically so far the only people who are not total creeps are the Starks. (I am not sure that is the reaction the producers intended.) And I also want to finally watch Six Feet Under, which I've always wanted to do. I was given season 1 on DVD and I have been avoiding watching it because I'm secretly afraid that I will love it so much and then I won't have any of the other seasons available. Problem solved!

→ I saw Snow White and the Huntsman and it was pretty much the best. I have been jonesing to see it ever since the trailers because that bit with the huntsman from the original Disney animation was, for me, literally the most interesting part of that movie. (Seriously? That thing is a snooze-fest. I always had a mini-panic attack any time one of the kids wanted to watch it. Please God, anything else!) I mean, he stalks her through the woods, raises the knife above her head, and then he just can't do it. And Neil reminded me this week about the deer heart that he brought to the queen instead. I was really interested to see that little side-plot explored in film. Plus, it just looked awesome? And it was. I mean, I'm sure there was room for improvement but I loved it a lot and generally that's my criteria for What Makes Something Good. My favorite thing about it was definitely the ambiguous love story. And the major, major OT3 vibes I got. (But I'm a weirdo, what do I know?)

→ Speaking of, why isn't Savages in my eyeballs right now? Same for Lola Versus. Dear Universe: GIVE IT ME.

→ I'm feeling really unproductive in the world of fic right now. Meaning there is so much fic that I want to write but I haven't had a chance to. I considered doing a fic meme but then there's always the guilt associated with the fact that I only end up writing a couple of the prompts that people took the time to leave. It's not fair to you guys. I have a lot of plans, always, but we'll see how that pans out. I definitely want this summer to be majorly productive. This is, by no means, a call for prompts, but if anyone wants to let me know what kind of pairings/fandoms they want to see me writing over the summer, I'll see what I can do!

→ In conclusion: Joel Kinnaman
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i was not magnificent, shameless season 1, by cupoftea991 on YT
spoilers for all of season 1
(be nice and leave feedback/thumbs up)

What is this liquid coming from my face!?!? (I really need to finish season two, you guys! What is my problem?)
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→ Okay so I forgot about one of my comedies. That comedy is Parks and Rec. I watched the finale and can I just say that Leslie is so perfect. And Billy has been so hilarious. He's so clueless (omg not that again!). I kind of want his character to come back next season. I hope that's a thing that's happening. I am a little "meh" on a couple of the other storylines. (Ann Perkins, I'm looking at you girlfriend.) But overall it was another great season.

→ I still have yet to watch Revenge this week and I hear it's a doozie. It needs to be after that boring-as-fuck flashback episode. I was not impressed or moved or any of the things I was supposed to be. Sorry, show. Still weirdly addicted to Nolan Ross this show, and I am curious to see how it all unravels. (And what the hell a second season is going to look like, to be honest.)

→ PAST-TENSE THINGS I HAVEN'T FINISHED: I need to start catching up with Lost Girl now that season 2 is airing in the US. I never did finish it and since I love it (And Kenzi!!!!, and Dyson!!!!, and Bo, and Hale... but NOT LAUREN) that makes little to no sense. That is nonsensical! Did I tell anyone that I never finished Shameless season 2? I feel really terrible about this since I love those Gallaghers so damn much but Frank was kind of ruining things for me and I just couldn't anymore. I will catch up I promise. It just might take me a little while.

The Vampire Diaries: Who am I kidding? The finale is getting its own post. At a later date. ETA: And Hart of Dixie as well.

Grey's Anatomy. The unspoilery part of my review was that the finale was anti-climactic and despite all evidence to the contrary didn't even feel like a season finale. now for the rest )
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Grey's Anatomy: Am I the only one who feels like this show has ADD? Either that or they're so focused on misdirection that I just literally have no clue what is going to happen next. Next episode is a Private Practice crossover. My least favorite of all. Boo.

The Vampire Diaries: I watched it. I have a lot of feelings. Many of them involve Elijah. Some of them involve Kol and the word confusion. and )

Hart of Dixie: I'm kind of glad they brought up Lemon's "visit" with her mom over Christmas as a reason for her kind of manic behavior lately. She's one of my favorite parts of the show and she's been kind of getting the sour end of things lately in terms of likability and character growth. Good to know there's an explanation.

Switched at Birth: I finally caught up with this show. Still enjoying it a lot. Emmett is still freakin' adorable. However... if I hear John or Kathryn refer to Angelo and Regina as "that man" or "that woman" -- with the TONE to boot - one more goddamn time I might have to write a strongly worded letter. Are they serious? C'mon!

Jane by Design: This was recommended to me by some friends and I am really enjoying it! The plot is: High school senior mistakenly interviews for an admin assistant position in the fashion world, gets the position, and then has to try and juggle her life. Basically it's a silly premise, but with really likable actors/characters. It's very cute and as I discussed with Dayl earlier, there's actual tongue kissing! (Not important, just an observation!) Basically my overall feelings are that Jane Quimby and Billy Nutter need to hook up sooner rather than later, cause it's just inevitable isn't it? And also that Ben Quimby gives off a very Paul Rudd "vibe," which is okay by me!

Parenthood: I kind of feel like everything is about to come crashing down. For example: I want Amber to be happy and I feel like she is doing a great job and her romance is stinkin' adorable, even if slightly inappropriate, but I feel like that's all going to be taken from her. You could write a sentence like that about basically any other character, Crosby, Sarah (oh god, especially Sarah), Julia, etc. It all feels so precarious! I'm frightened for my beloved Bravermans!

Revenge: I promised a more detailed review but pretty much all I can muster is some incoherent mumbling, random guesses as to what is going to happen at that damn party, and basically just shouting Nolan's name in between bouts of hysteria. If I can gather my thoughts before Wednesday night I will present them to you. If not, this is all you get.

→ I'm behind on pretty much everything else that I can think of, Lost Girl, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Shameless, Parks and Rec, etc.
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I can't wait until January. The Gallaghers need to be back in my life.

And a more revealing preview of the season. So excited!
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→ Is anybody else having issues with Firefox? I just upgraded to the newest version after holding out at 3.9 (I think it was 3.9) for the majority of the year. I haven't even had a chance to play with the new version really (I literally just updated it before making this post.) But I have been annoyed with all of the other updates I tried (and then abandoned) this year. We used to be so tight, but I feel like Firefox has had an identity crisis this year and it's almost time for us to just break up. (Our relationship is starting to resemble an abusive one.)

→ I am kind of POed at The Vampire Diaries right now. because BLANK and BLANK )

→ Watched and loved Attack the Block, for those of you playing along at home.

→ I don't know if I'm going to do cards this year. I'm feeling kind of scatterbrained lately and it's already later than I usually ask for sign ups. Some people have asked for exchanges and I'll do them, but I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to pull myself together to send a bunch of stuff out. I can barely keep up with stuff that's going on as it is. (And I still have fic to read, and holiday fic to get a head start on!) I'll probably make the decision by next week, no later.

→ Speaking of Christmas, I have started my shopping. So far I've purchased a kickass Lightsaber for a 4 year old girl who loves Darth Vader, a power rangers watch for one of my nephews, and a real legit FiOS remote control (from eBay) for a 1 year old with an irrepressible addiction to all electronics with buttons. (His parents will thank me.)

→ Finished Mindy Kaling's book this week. It was adorable and funny. I think it wasn't as good as Bossypants for me, although in some ways it was slightly better (if that makes sense). Definitely check it out if you have the slightest interest in it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

→ Everyone who hasn't needs to watch Shameless. Just saying. I sort of secretly revised my new shameless vid: fumbling through the gray and I'm burying this "announcement" in the middle of this post because this is something that I rarely (if ever) do. I just sneakily went in and replaced the source files. (Except on Tumblr which, as usual, hates me and won't let me edit the post at all - not even the tags!) This may be a dishonest and underhanded thing to do, but I had posted it in a sleep-deprived state at 5 in the morning and I just needed it to be more perfect, you know? [Guffaw.] Anyway, for those who care and who actually read this post, there is a new version up now.

→ I recently changed my ringtone from You Can Call Me Al, back to Twisted Nerve (the whistle from Kill Bill) which I have used for, literally, years. I can't really decided if this was a good move or not. I am kind of missing the Paul Simon.

→ I have 19 movies to watch before the end of the year to meet my standard goal of "100 new movies every year." Anybody have any suggestions for what to watch to fill in those last 19 slots? There are a couple of documentaries I've been planning on watching, but other than that and new stuff coming out in theaters I'm not sure. I may just end up binging on old noirs on Netflix streaming, if all else fails. what i've watched this year so far )
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→ This week has been weird and I have been oddly sick and yet still not feeling like total shit. Fatigue and a fever, with only muscle aches to accompany it -- seriously? This is how being sick should be! (AKA, I have a seriously low threshold for pain, thus this is my dream cold/flu - relatively pain-free, yet super duper tiring.) So if I haven't responded to comments and such, you know why.

→ I'm rewatching Shameless with [ profile] gigglemonster. Correction. I'm re-watching it, and she's watching it for the first time. It is glorious. Lip and Ian are even better the second time around. And Kev is pretty much the best non-Gallagher. Except for Steve and Karen, o'course. No. In fact, it's a close race and I am not entirely sure who is ahead at this point. Basically this show is love and stars in my eyes etc., etc.

→ I have some serious Vampire Diaries anxiety happening right now. I might have to kill myself later... metaphorically speaking. I have so many thoughts but I feel like it's probably best to keep these things to myself at the present moment. I want to not watch it and wait for reviews, but I know I am like a meth addict in need of another hit and I will end up watching it live anyway. Ugh. I need to throw up.

→ Can I just say that freaking Parenthood rocked my socks this week? Joel Graham is such a unique character on television and in life. (In fact, I'm pretty sure he could only exist in a fictional world.) Just this... soft-spoken but deeply-feeling stay-at-home dad/perfect husband. Pretty much the opposite of Zeek. Not that Zeek can't be likable and awesome at times, but never in the way that Joel can be/is. I had tears in my eyes. This is what real love feels like.

→ I started watching Suburgatory. Actually not bad. Cute and a great cast. It really rounds out Wednesday's powerhouse ABC lineup really nicely. Like I needed more television to watch? (No, I didn't. That was sarcasm.)

→ Hart of Dixie is pretty much amazing. Despite the fact that I was having hair issues with the lead character in the first couple of eps. It was just kind of all over the place and not at all practical? Put it in a ponytail doc! Seriously? But now I am pretty much in love with everybody. Even Lemon, who is baffling and yet at the same time really sympathetic. I loved Jamie's rant at the dinner table last episode. She was perfect.
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I am really excited for this show to come back! Why isn't it January yet?

embed link
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Friend in Me
by [ profile] elipie
First of all, yay for Vividcon! This is a Shameless vid about Ian and Lip and it's so unexpectedly delightful! It's just perfect. Made my day! Go watch it!
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Friend in Me
by [ profile] elipie
First of all, yay for Vividcon! This is a Shameless vid about Ian and Lip and it's so unexpectedly delightful! It's just perfect. Made my day! Go watch it!


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