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We're having our first comment meme on [ profile] haven_fic, and you're all invited!
Just click the banner to get to the entry and join the fun.
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Psst! You guys!
[ profile] stainofmylove is holding a comment fic meme free for all thingie! (vague enough for you?)
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This is my brain child, feel free to steal for your own journals!

This is the Fanfic Throwback challenge! Copy and paste this to your journal, along with a list of "past" pairings that you will ask your flist to give you prompts for. "Past" pairings don't have to be from dead shows, just pairings you'd like to revisit that you haven't written in a while. Depending on the fandom, that could be anywhere from six months to several years! Use some of the prompts, all of them, or none of them. The real point of this is to challenge yourself to reach back in time and grace your flist with a blast from your own personal (near or distant) fanfic past! Post them to your journal whenever you finish, stagger them, or post them all at once!

Claire/Jack (LOST)
Claire/Jack/Sawyer (LOST)
Alex/Richard (LOST)
Kara/Leoben (BSG)
Caroline/Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)
Alpha/Echo (Dollhouse)
Jeremy/Elena+ (The Vampire Diaries)
Caroline/Stefan/Tyler (The Vampire Diaries)
Sam/Galen (BSG)
Sam/Ellen (BSG)
Brad/Walt (Generation Kill)
Chuckler/Leckie (The Pacific)
Jessica/Bill (True Blood)
John/Ronon (Stargate: Atlantis)
Olivia/Charlie (Fringe)

(Can't promise I will write all of these pairings, but I will certainly give all of them some serious thought!)
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I need a nap or twenty. Working lots, and I think I'm coming down with something, and today, my only day off, has kind of been a wash as far as "getting things done" goes because of the possible cold I'm getting which had me in bed for a good chunk of the afternoon.

The Killing is on tonight!

Just a couple of hours and then I can get my fix. I didn't get to talk about last week's episode, which I loved, so I'll do that now here: i'll be brief )

I watched the first two episodes of Graceland and if they continue to focus on both characters and case (since procedural is not really my thing) in the way that they are, loyalty to the house and all, I think this will be something I could really love. I described it to [ profile] gigglemonster as Spies meets The Real World. Which is oversimplifying it and a half, but as a general premise it totally fits that description. I see they're trying to push "Levi" and Charlie as a ship, but I have a feeling that's going to be a red herring, so-to-speak. Definitely give it a shot if you haven't seen it yet. As [ profile] ozmissage pointed out, they're undercover agents with a chore wheel! What's not to like?

Still watching The Fosters. I had a dilemma after the first episode because, while I liked it, I was unsure of whether to proceed because I couldn't really imagine how they could continue to make it interesting. But I watched episode two and then just went all in because I am still somehow charmed by it. Go figure. I like an ABC Family show. Not the biggest shocker in the world.

I started the newest ep of Pretty Little Liars and then got distracted about 3/4ths of the way through because I was cooking and the family came in and commandeered the living room with their talking and their distractions, so I missed the ending. But I have to say that mid-way through the episode, I was having a hard time with it. I'll have to re-watch and reformulate my opinion the next time I get a chance.

Teen Wolf has been back for two episodes but I have completely failed at watching. I want to, I just haven't had a chance. Apparently it's been very good? (Also, I did not know that Colton was leaving, which is probably a good thing because I was unhappy with the direction they took Jackson.)

So I've been thinking of doing this fanfic throwback thing, and writing a bunch of my old pairings and stuff. I haven't decided how to go about that but my big instinct is to write a bunch of 500-1000 word fics (or longer, whatever happens!) and then post them all over a period of a week. Maybe revisit some of my old 'verses in the process. I don't know. I have a list. Maybe I'll work on it!
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Originally posted by [ profile] stainofmylove at "One day she'll go, I told you so ..."

what: tumblr fic war!
who: anyone who reblogs this reposts this.
when: until everyone is actualfax dead, because this is WAR suckers!
what: everyone who reblogs reposts is opening their ask box comments
up to the most brutal, feelings-inducing prompts anyone who is playing can
imagine. your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take those prompts
and DESTROY EVERYONE with them. not just angsty stuff either, fluff can be
just as bad, as many of you know!

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I am so behind on everything and then some more on top of that. Like Shameless. Don't even know how many episodes I've missed (Read: A lot.), but I recently saw some garbage on tumblr that makes me very, very upset. But I don't have time to be upset. I don't even have time to be writing this post, but I am saying fuck everything today and my only job is to do my laundry and pack for my trip. (Not true, not true! But I will try to make it as true as it can be.)

→ I started writing fic (Haven and The Killing) like 2 weeks ago but it's tucked away in some notebook somewhere... if only I could find it!

→ Ick! I listened to and absolutely hated Lana Del Rey's cover of Chelea Hotel No. 2.(And I normally love her.) If anyone else had the unfortunate pleasure of that I encourage you to cleanse your palate by listening to this random guy on YouTube killing it:

You're welcome.

→ Does anybody know anything about bonsai? I bought a 3 year old Jade bonsai tree from a street vendor yesterday. It was completely an impulse buy and cost me 25 bucks, which I feel like was probably pretty average? I'm going to have to look online or buy a book or something to figure out the care/pruning etc., situation. Completely clueless on that front.

→ I saw a preview for this new BBC America show, Orphan Black. Thinking about watching it. I'll have to DVR the premiere as I'll be out of town and I'm not sure if the cable company at the house we're staying will have the channel. Anybody hear about it? Is it supposed to be any good?

→ Guh. Before Midnight.

→ Oh, ETA! Distraction free smartphone thing? I am totally digging it almost 2 weeks later. I did re-enabl youtube on Monday though. (I at least lasted over a week without doing it!) That was exclusively for LBD though and now that it's over I suppose I could delete it again. I've enabled Safari periodically in the last few days for looking up a couple of random things in a pinch, but I've turned it off right afterward each time. I kind of like it better this way? I am still debating on whether or not to re-enable echofon. Maybe later...? Maybe not.
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Hi guys! I'm back for my bi-weekly visit!
(Is it wrong to have an OT3 for Singin' in the Rain?)

First of all, I need to say that I miss writing fic like you wouldn't believe. I think I might try and do that more often. Like tell myself I'll at least write a drabble a week if nothing else. I need to keep my hand in. I feel so out of it and it makes me sad. So yeah. No less than a drabble a week until the end of the year? I think I can commit to that completely achievable goal.

Second of all, here's a brief list of stuff I NEED IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW (or maybe I just need to buckle down and write it myself, take note):

- Matt/Elena (TVD), feeding turns to *ahem* fic. (Because it needs to happen.)
- Duke/Audrey (Haven), basically anything with angst and shirts on the floor and stuff (and actually [ profile] mollivanders wrote this amazing fic, so I suppose its my turn?)
- Alex/Arizona (Greys), I would write this myself but they make me too distressed. DISTRESSED. Cannot wait for next week's episode.
- Lemon/Wade or Lemon/Lavon, I'll take either. (Come to think of it Wade/Annabeth would be awesome.)
- Ruby/David (OUAT), I am preparing to dodge rotten tomatoes on this one.
- Um, these guys:

image by marylou on tumblr

I have been sick (with a cold!) these last two days which somewhat explains my extended time online. I ended up having a chance to finish marathoning season 1 of Once Upon a Time and catch up with the first three eps of season 2. I did not expect to like that show that much. I will admit that because of the nature of the show often focusing on one character's backstory during season 1 a handful of episodes did drag for me. But most of all I loved it to bits. Especially all of the powerful, female characters, despite the fact that some of them are based on helpless damsel-in-distress princesses. It's fantastic. And magical. /cheese.

Speaking of television, I still haven't been watching any sitcoms, and I did not pick up any of the new shows this season. Why? Well, I don't know. I told [ profile] slybrunette that I'm probably subconsciously rejecting new TV because I am still pissed about The Killing. God, it still hurts. A lot.

Lately I keep thinking about how I'm excited for Shameless and The Newsroom to come back even though I know that won't happen until next year sometime for both shows. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever told you guys I marathoned The Newsroom a couple of months ago and loved it.

There are a lot of mirroring critics out there all saying kind of the same thing. But I watch a lot of television and movies and this show is no worse at writing women than at least 70% of what's out there, so I feel like a lot of the chorus is unfounded. Seems like the expectations are just so incredibly high because it's HBO and it's Aaron Sorkin at the same time. Coupled with the fact that Sorkin has said some not-so-awesome things publicly that have gotten him a lot of flack for the same issues so people are more eager to criticize his work. I also really love Sloan Sabbith played by Olivia Munn who apparently has her own critics... for being a girl, famous, and hot? (As far as I can tell!) Basically my reaction to both things can be illustrated by the following GIF:

Not to end on a sour note, here's a meme I stole from [ profile] mollivanders, with some alterations.

Comment with one of my ships and I’ll tell you:

1) who cooks normally?:
2) how often do they fight?:
3) what do they do when they’re away from each other?:
4) nicknames for each other?:
5) who is more likely to pay for dinner?:
6) who steals the covers at night?:
7) what would they get each other for gifts?:
8) what crime would they commit together?:
9) who made the first move?:
10) who remembers things?:
11) who is the big spoon/little spoon?:
12) who swears more?:
13) what would they do if the other one was hurt?:
14) what are their bad couple habits?
15) what's their morning routine?
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Geez, you guys. Why is this place so slow this week? I mean, it's been slow for a while but this is even worse. I know I'm not being helpful by driving everyone away with my constant fangirling over The Killing, but c'mon. Don't fail me now.

Here are a few things happening in my brain right now:

→ Vids. Vids. Vids. I told [ profile] gigglemonster that I've got The Vids: Meaning, I have all the vid bunnies, but no actual vidding is ever accomplished. If someone walks past me whistling a tune, I am like "Oh! That would make a great vid for x, y or z fandom! *dreamy sigh*" I vid in my head and it is amazing, people. (All that being said, I have a The Killing, Generation Kill, and possibly a Shameless vid in the works.)


GENERATION KILL: Why had I not watched this before now? It was glorious and I love everyone. (Well, not everyone, Trombley.) I fully give [ profile] slybrunette responsibility for this. And also, as I said on Tumblr (or somewhere) I think my ship goggles are broken. (Kaput!) Because of course I am going to totally latch onto Brad/Walt like some kind of weirdo who digs "mothering/care-taking" ships. (Who? ME? Holder/Linden, Stefan/Caroline, and speaking of shipping the wrong thing in war fandoms, Chuckler/Leckie, etc.) It's just not right. (Or fair.) Especially in a fandom that has a shit-ton of fic. It's like they're purposefully taunting me. At least [ profile] slybrunette has said she'll try to write them for me. I might die of happiness. (Also, the fact that I am capable of finding Askars attractive is a complete shock to me. Just FYI. That is not a thing I was remotely interested in at all before now. No matter how many times True Blood showed us his ass.)


SHAMELESS: I'm catching up and I'm so glad. I missed the Gallaghers. (Except for Frank, of course.) And the Jacksons and the Fisher-Balls. Etc. I love this family so much that I will essentially take them any way that I can get them. Despite the gross Frank-drama in the first few episodes, and the fact that getting episodes is a pain in the ass sometimes, I pretty much love this show as if it were my own child. True story.

→ I think I promised to write some reactions to the deluge of season finales that happened. I... kind of never did that. I really should, but the further away from them I get the more detached I feel. I am sure there are one or two shows I haven't finished yet, so I'll come back to talk about those whenever I am done. But for now I think I'll just say that most of the finales this year (for me) were underwhelming. Finales usually fall into one of two categories. You've got "Really? That's it?" And then there's "Oh my god! Why isn't next season here right now!?!" There's no middle ground.

→ Right now I am mostly just looking forward to summer shows like Haven and the good parts of So You Think You Can Dance. (Auditions this year have been kinda meh - always my least favorite part of the show and they feel like they're taking forever this year.) And I really want to watch that Daniel Gillies pilot, even if it is potentially bad, just because Daniel Gillies could pretty much get me to do anything.

→ Speaking of things I'm going to be (potentially) watching later, I recently got access to HBOgo and I am like a kid in candy store. Seriously? BEST. After Generation Kill, I think I'll end up watching Game of Thrones, despite my better judgement. In fact, I may have already started on that front. Basically so far the only people who are not total creeps are the Starks. (I am not sure that is the reaction the producers intended.) And I also want to finally watch Six Feet Under, which I've always wanted to do. I was given season 1 on DVD and I have been avoiding watching it because I'm secretly afraid that I will love it so much and then I won't have any of the other seasons available. Problem solved!

→ I saw Snow White and the Huntsman and it was pretty much the best. I have been jonesing to see it ever since the trailers because that bit with the huntsman from the original Disney animation was, for me, literally the most interesting part of that movie. (Seriously? That thing is a snooze-fest. I always had a mini-panic attack any time one of the kids wanted to watch it. Please God, anything else!) I mean, he stalks her through the woods, raises the knife above her head, and then he just can't do it. And Neil reminded me this week about the deer heart that he brought to the queen instead. I was really interested to see that little side-plot explored in film. Plus, it just looked awesome? And it was. I mean, I'm sure there was room for improvement but I loved it a lot and generally that's my criteria for What Makes Something Good. My favorite thing about it was definitely the ambiguous love story. And the major, major OT3 vibes I got. (But I'm a weirdo, what do I know?)

→ Speaking of, why isn't Savages in my eyeballs right now? Same for Lola Versus. Dear Universe: GIVE IT ME.

→ I'm feeling really unproductive in the world of fic right now. Meaning there is so much fic that I want to write but I haven't had a chance to. I considered doing a fic meme but then there's always the guilt associated with the fact that I only end up writing a couple of the prompts that people took the time to leave. It's not fair to you guys. I have a lot of plans, always, but we'll see how that pans out. I definitely want this summer to be majorly productive. This is, by no means, a call for prompts, but if anyone wants to let me know what kind of pairings/fandoms they want to see me writing over the summer, I'll see what I can do!

→ In conclusion: Joel Kinnaman
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I'm gonna try to participate in this if it kills me. (And it just might. Don't cross your fingers folks.)
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→ For BSG fans, I found a (crappy quality) promo that has a couple of clips from Katee's new show Longmire which is going to be on A&E. (There are also shots for the newest season of The Glades, but I legitimately can't tell if the clips are new or not.)

I'm kind of intrigued by Longmire, especially seeing this promo. Katee looks fabulous. I remember reading about it originally and I think they called it a "western" so I was under the impression it would be a period drama. Whoops. Guess not!

→ I had been going through serious withdrawals this whole week waiting for Revenge. Once I realized last week was going to be yet another re-run, that's when the desperation set in. This episode did not disappoint and I am on pins and needles for next week's episode! No spoilers, but my new favorite word is revengenda. Nolan Ross, never fucking change. I might post a more detailed episode review tomorrow when I have more time.

→ Hart of Dixie was cute this week, but they could really use some tips on fast-forwarding the "action." I need more. And faster!

→ I want to write more for all the fic memes that were out about a week or so ago and/or the porn battle. I'm feeling the muse big time! (The first time since writing my big bang that I've really been inspired. Thank goodness!)

→ Tomorrow is Grey's and The Vampire Diaries, and I'm excited for both with a little bit of reservations regarding a few of the storylines. But even so, I honestly haven't had this much fun watching tv in a while. It's something of a revival for me. Thank goodness.
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So... I am still loving Revenge.


Spoilers for 1.10 of Revenge:

That scene! spoilers )

Unrelated note!
I SUCK: At this whole Christmas advent thing! I am sure I missed fic that was written for me so if you've written any and I haven't seen it, please link me. And I'll do the same with you guys. But I am just having a hell of a time writing. I plan to get a bunch of stuff done over the weekend though. (I hope.) I swear I will do all of them. Whether it's on time or not is another matter entirely!
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This looks fun!

Each person gets to leave ten fic/art requests. These are mine!!
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This looks fun!

Each person gets to leave ten fic/art requests. These are mine!!

bang bang

Sep. 21st, 2011 01:27 am
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[ profile] tvd_bigbang
11,617/10,000 [116%]

And done. Officially. Very excited!


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