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she gets this far away look in her eyes


PARTIALLY FLOCKED. Most personal stuff is behind a friends lock. Fandom-y stuff, fics, vids, discussion, etc. are generally unlocked. I don't have an age requirement because I will warn and cut anything with a high rating.

→ revenge. the vampire diaries. shameless (us). lost girl. hart of dixie. grey's anatomy. modern family. suburgatory. parenthood. misfits. raising hope. luther. the hour.

→ veronica mars. friday night lights. battlestar galactica. pushing daisies. the west wing. entourage. ugly betty. buffy the vampire slayer. lost. firely. angel. harper's island. that 70s show. big love. wonderfalls. carnivale. life unexpected. dollhouse. the sarah connor chronicles. stargate atlantis. eastwick. jericho. dead like me. community.

→ I am regrettably ADD when it comes to shows/fandoms. There are shows that I have, and will continue to, love for a long time to come, but my obsessive focus is never on the same fandom for too long, with few exceptions. I like to rotate these things to keep them fresh!
→ I'm a multi-shipper. I tend to stay away from canon when writing (and reading) fic and I do have a reputation for loving the most off-the wall (dirty!bad!wrong) rare pairings. But I still love many (possibly even most!) canon pairings. (Even if they're pitted against each other, oh, fate.)
→ Opinions welcome as well as offered.


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