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Numbering means nothing, just an easy reference for me for editing the page. ;)
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the shephards; stories of jack & claire
a LOST fanzine!
128 pages; 10 brand new stories ; 25 new graphics; 28 archival fics
14 authors & artists

The Vampire Diaries

015 the replacement: jeremy/katherine; r; he goes with her because she looks just like elena
014 with teeth sharper and blood hotter: caroline/stefan/tyler; r; will today be the day? [BIG BANG]
013 degrees of separation; tyler/elena, jeremy/tyler, elena/jeremy/tyler; r; Her voice sounds small and far away. Jeremy clicks on the TV. The doorbell rings.
012 taste; klaus/stefan, stefan/elena; r; this is what they don't know
011 brothers be; matt/tyler; pg13; before wolves and fangs and magic
010 room 237; caroline/stefan/tyler; r; Bad art. A mini-fridge. One bed unmade. The scent of fresh blood and sex on the air.
009 and then we were done; jeremy/tyler; r; jeremy remembers the first time he feels older than tyler
008 last days of summer; caroline/stefan/tyler; r; caroline is going to live forever
007 we'll leave our scar; caroline/stefan; r; there are some things he has to keep to himself
006 another year; caroline/stefan/tyler; r; stefan can smell the wolf on her when she comes into the room
005 a house unbuilt; caroline/stefan; pg13; do you believe in ghosts?
004 white lies; caroline/tyler; pg13; for a rainy day
003 battlefields and riverbanks; caroline/stefan; r; stefan lights the match that burns
002 (come home) all you wanderers; caroline/stefan/tyler; r; mystic falls is no longer her home
001 swim for your life [lies for your lover]; caroline/stefan, pg13; she loses her ring in st. louis


002 things are tough all over when the thunderstorms start; dyson/kenzi, pg; they wait one week before leaving town without bo
001 a sigh of the weary; dyson/kenzi, pg13; the cabin door is shut


075 ghosts of a different kind; claire/jack/sawyer, r; claire holds her breath as long as she can
074 she made up somewhere to be from; claire/jack, pg13; they let the lights go out
073 the cure; alex/richard, r; there's a red sunset on the eve that richard forgets
072 you'll have to find your own way home, boys; claire/jack/sawyer, r; and really, she's okay with that
071 early morning rain; claire/sawyer, pg13; claire wakes on a rainy saturday to the faint scent of hot ginger tea
070 the sandman is callin' where shadows are fallin'; jack/sawyer, pg; as long as they try
069 road to nowhere; claire/jack, r; every time
068 don't know where we're going [but we know where we're at]; claire/jack [christian, marc, claire/marc, sarah, margo], r; she looks like she could have been a dancer
067 the unraveling [it begins]; richard, alex, esau, jacob, pg; his mouth is dry
066 dig me up [unbury me]; jack/marc, r; jack tells him a story that sounds like it could be the truth
065 the fruit will be bruised; claire, christian, jack, pg; so, you're dead, right?
064 the darkest of marks; claire/jack, r; when the glass slips from claire's grasp
063 the woods that i've run through; vincent, walt, pg; he thinks of the way he felt then
062 mother's milk; dogen, pg; and it is here, at this place he's traveled so far to see, that Dogen finally understands
061 the hole in the universe; claire/jack, r; to remember; to be forgotten
060 strawberries; alex/richard, pg13; what is the state of a mind stuffed full?
059 who is the lamb?; claire/jack & esau/jacob, r, his sister reaches for his hand
058 burn down the house [see what comes out clean], claire/jack, pg13, claire dreams of falling
057 the far distant spring, alex/richard, r, richard doesn't kid himself
056 dust off our memories, sayid/sun, pg13, the way the light sticks to everything
055 there is no moon, claire/jack, r, a scar beneath her chin
054 the birds won't sing, claire/jack/sawyer, r, do you think anyone's still alive?
053 books and covers, jack/shannon, pg13, you just don't seem the type
052 it will go on, jacob/richard, r, just as much a prisoner
051 every road takes us farther from home, claire/jack, r, do you remember when we met?
050 identity, claire, richard, pg, she talks to keep from going crazy
049 untitled, claire/jack, r, a night in front of the tv
048 this house is sad because he's not in it, claire/jack, pg13, daddy took it to his grave
047 i won't rot. i won't be forgot. alex/richard, pg13, this is before
046 threshold, alex/richard, pg, you're going to be different
045 i am selfish, i am blind, jin/michael, pg13, these were the things that they hoped for
044 snow angels, claire/jack, r, i'm cold
043 my blue memories, alex/richard, r, the sound of water
042 liquid courage, claire/jack/sawyer, r, go on, take a drink
041 accidental truths, jack/sun, pg13, just revenge?
040 beneath the blue, jin/michael, r, there is an explosion. make no mistake in that.
039 the teethmarks of time, alex/richard, pg13, she could drown and come back to life
037 even i have forgotten her name, claire/jack, pg13, that's when he knows...
036 never say your name out loud, sawyer/claire, r, and they can never call you by it
035 one day we'll be reborn (a little ripped and torn), alex/richard, r, there's something about alex that refuses to be broken
034 temps à l'envers, claire/jack, r, like lifting a glass only to find there's no milk
033 sweet little wishes (and sweet blue dreams), alex/richard, r, another beautiful sunshiney day
032 hanging on the shadow of our family tree, jack/claire, r, claire craves him
031 listen to the words long written down, richard/jacob, alex/richard, pg13, we will be reborn
030 you are a part (we are apart), jack/claire, pg13, she reminded him of something
029 open up the medicine chest, richard/alex, r, she is the exception
028 mother, please come home, sun, pg, her purpose is singular
027 no one knows I'm gone, claire, pg, claire remembers happiness
026 was your heart too soft?, sun/jack, r, they both want the same thing
025 when you were dead, daniel/charlotte, pg, forty-five minutes
024 and life is wine, jack/sawyer/claire, lots of claire/jack, r, It isn't hard to find Jack.
023 tie a knot around your middle, sawyer/claire, pg13, she sleeps so close
022 Renewal, sun, ji yeon, (sun/jin), pg Growing up, there was a time when weddings seemed useless to Sun
021 Origins, richard/charlotte, pg13 you aren't supposed to be here
020 Every Bite I Gave You Left A Mark, jack/claire, nc17 I want you to know I blame you.
019 on search engines and friendships, charlie, hurley, desmond, jin, g You ever google yourself?
018 we're never going back home again, sawyer/claire, pg he can do this.
017 only ashes, jack/claire, pg13, that's the part that always confuses him
016 all the gravediggers are gone, sawyer/claire, r, when we die? who will bury us?
015 blood trail, jack/sawyer/claire, r, the last thing he remembers is his name on her lips
014 flesh and bone, claire/desmond, pg13, but this is what he gets
013 thirteen, alex, ben, gen, pg, she remembers birthdays
012 lam, jack/sawyer, slash, pg13, The long arm of the law catches up with Sawyer. Jack makes a promise.
011 we're running out [of life], ensemble, gen, pg, this isn't some lonely percussion
010 Scars & Bruises, sawyer/jack, jack/alex, adult, He lets himself imagine that it was just a trick of the light.
009 Limbo, sawyer/jack/claire, nc17, This time it’s Las Vegas, but nobody’s phones even ring.
008 Like Father..., sawyer/christian, sawyer/jack, r, you can never outrun your own shadow
007 Throwaways & Tourniquets, sawyer/claire, jack, nc17, been fooling people all his life, and she’s no different.
006 Bullets & Bridges, jack, ofc, r, She was beautiful, but he would hurt her if he needed to.
005 But Not Broken, !abandoned, jack/sun, r, 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6...

004 Immortal 'Verse
The Dry Taste of Death, richard, ben, gen, unrated, the name he calls isn't right
like some junkyard dog, richard/alex/ben, pg13, the walls were never thick enough
Departure, alex/richard, pg, He was a pawn.

003 Vinegar & Honey 'Verse
Blue Eyes Don't Lie, alex/sawyer, pg13, part man, part animal, part logic, part chaos
Kansas Was a Dream, alex/sawyer, pg13, her voice sounds like truth, but her mouth, how it lies.
Name It After Us, alex/sawyer, r, outside, it's snowing

002 Naked & Bruised 'Verse
This Rusted Metal Box, claire, sawyer/ aaron, gen, pg13, She stole things.
Naked & Bruised (Five Goodbyes), claire/sawyer, hints of jawyer & jack/claire, hard r, Trading her pain for his.

001 Names & Curses 'Verse
These Lies, jack/claire, jack/sawyer/claire, jack/ofc, r, He’s no savior. He’s just a man.
Ain't No Con, sawyer/jack/claire, r, his mind tells him there’s something very, very wrong with this...
In This Mess of Flesh, sawyer/jack/claire, r, This will always be the moment that defines everything before and since.
Invisible People, sawyer/jack/claire, r, T-shirts, tank tops, and dirt on their feet, and it feels like home again.
Empty Beds, Emptier Hearts, sawyer/jack/claire, r, And maybe this is giving up, but for now it feels like home...
Of Lies and Truths, sawyer/jack/claire, nc17, California lasts a year, and for once they’re tired of the sun.
We Made Up Our Identities, sawyer/jack/claire, r, always make believe it isn't real
The Business of Making Babies, claire/sawyer/jack, r, another sketch complete, another story finished


006 confession; claire/topher, pg13; confess your sins
005 red balloons; alpha/echo, pg; it's autumn, and the first thing echo does is set off to find him
004 a place called home; alpha/echo, r; like she's home
003 tell us what's wrong [and what's right]; topher/priya, r; this is how it should have happened
002 a kiss with a fist [is better than none]; paul/topher, pg13; the man is no reflection of the sins he has committed
001 come on, all ye reborn, alpha/echo, r, echo doesn't think of the scars

Harper's Island

005 you and i were made for this, cal/chloe, pg, a sense of calm
004 so what did you do those three days you were dead?, shea/sully, r, not standing quite as tall as she remembers him
003 you were never going to stay, abby/jimmy, pg, this is the last time he sees her
002 it's not that simple, see (but then again, it just may be), abby/henry, r, everyone thinks she's going to fall apart
001 you've had too much to think (now you need a wife), henry/shane, r, there are some things that can't be forgiven

Battlestar Galactica

020 the morning light has washed your sins, gaius/caprica, pg, I suppose we've evolved.
019 playground revolution, kara/helo, pg13, helo finds her on the swings
018 putting things together (pulling them apart), sam/galen, pg, he comes from simple folk
017 a house, a home; sam/galen, r, galen remembers a house...
016 how much a fabrication?, leoben/sam, r, we're all colonial now
015 a place i don't feel lost, sam/galen, pg13, why do I feel like we're back where we started?
014 foothills, sam/galen, pg, sam has never been very good at goodbyes
013 vice, kara/leoben, bsg, pg13, she loves the way they pop in her mouth
012 heart, kara/leoben, bsg, pg13, why don't you see?
011 the truth in the trigger, kara/sam, bsg, pg13, Sam's confession is a simple one.
010 of fables, kara, tory, bsg, pg13, these are the stories of cylons
009 carve your name into my arm, sam/tucker, nc17, he swears he can smell the rain
008 this body houses a soul, kara/leoben, r, lies. lies. lies.
007 and the stream flows red, kara/leoben, pg13, what is the most basic article of faith?
006 blood comes easy, kara/leoben, pg, she knows what's coming next
005 let me bury my secret in you (choices), anders/caprica, pg13, and this is how he discovers the way she got her name
004 people you've been before, kara/tigh, pg, drowned in a pool of ambrosia and virgon brew
003 dead ground, kara/helo, pg13, it only happens once.
002 Proof (We Are Real), sam/galen, r, it's late night on the hanger deck, and he is not alone.
001 The Vessel & The Prophet, kara/leoben, pg13, she remembers his warm blood on her hands


001 forty-seven, sarah, gen, pg, Her father is not Roman Grant. And she doesn't have to run. But she does anyway

001 in the crumbling walls; annie/jeff; pg13; not all keys are meant to fit into locks

005 angels in the architecture, simon tam/lee adama, firefly/bsg, r, it takes some getting used to, but lee adapts.
004 every man for himself, gaius baltar/jayne cobb, bsg/firefly, pg, hasn't had a smoke in months
003 obsession, six/azazel, spn/bsg, pg-ish, i can see you, you know?
002 lady lazarus, dean/claire, spn/lost, pg13, there's a scar on her chin...
001 crash, kara/jack, bsg/lost, crossover, pg, Here, meaning Earth. Here, meaning this planet...

002 the hardest button to button, mal/simon, r, crew ain't stupid, that's for sure
001 to keep you warm, jayne/river, pg13, you keep away the dreams

001 Dillon, Texas, gen, pg, fifteen years after the state championship

002 reprise; olivia/charlie, pg13; not her charlie
001 lay me down; olivia/charlie, pg13; this is before

004 of all the lies you've ever told, april (jackson, alex, lexie), pg13, April wouldn't exactly go back and undo it if she could
003 in your wake, burke/cristina, pg13, this wandering, recurring dream
002 shadow of a man, mark/owen, r, hunt's always been of a quiet breed
001 if i had my way (i'd burn this whole building down), lexie/mark, pg, and just like that the balance shifts

001 disappear; audrey/duke; pg; Duke gets this look in his eye, the one that almost always certainly spells trouble.

001 i can tell you what i've seen; finnick/peeta, r; not a one of them is quite yet ready to trust peeta with their lives

001 confession unsaid, baze/cate, r, the part she wants to forget

002 burned out bulbs on a ferris wheel, chuckler/leckie/stella, r, war is like a prison: bad food and no women
001 we can't afford this luxury [so let's steal it], chuckler/leckie, r, leckie dreams of clean white sheets

001 3am, Katee Sackhoff/Callum Keith Rennie, r, Katee’s voice is thick with sleep and sex and booze.

003 a storm on the wind, jennifer/ronon, r, if there's anyone you want to be stuck out here with, it's this guy
002 a ritual, a wish, the truth, elizabeth/rodney, pg, he should have known it would go like this
001 there's a stone in my bed, john/ronon, pg13, a constant void that knocks him off his game for just a second, half that

001 empty bellies, open hands; john/cameron (allison), pg13; he knows her...

001 of fathers and monsters; jessice, bill, gen, pg; he'll get used to it; eventually

005 Grist for the Mill jo (ash, ellen, dean/jo), pg13, Ash knows something's coming down the pike long before it ever does.
004 there's always tomorrow dean/jo, spn, pg13, 239, he doesn't do any of those things
003 The Way Out is Through, john-centric (bill, mary, demon), nc17, Non timebo mala. I will fear no evil.
002 buried in the white, sam/dean, adult, So he gives in.
001 A Lover in My Bed & a Gun to My Head, dean/jo-centric jo/sam, nc17, 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

001 polish it 'til it shines; leo/veronica, pg13, here's the thing about the past

001 christmas spirits; josh/sam, pg; drabble

001 to the other side; luisa cortés, pg; you imagine yourself strong

fic prompts here.

Fan Videos
strange and untrue: a vampire diaries ensemble vid
o death: a book of eli vid for [ profile] festivids
untouchable: a misfits alisha, alisha/simon vid (my first full-length vid in years)
soldiering: a dreamland vidlet
eat my dumpling: a kung-fu panda vidlet.
passive manipulation: multi-fandom. girls rule, boys drool.
you passed by: bsg. kara/lee. kara/anders. kara's always been gone.
the kill: hard core logo. joe and billy have epic angsty hurty kill-yourself punkrock love.
karma police: bsg. final four. for a minute there, they lost themselves. karma police by radiohead.
battlestar inferno: bsg. so ghetto. so hood. ensemble. hotness. disco inferno by 50 cent.
scratch: bsg. s3. kara. character study. woe. little house by the fray.
taking control: supernatural. ensemble. chosen children. we are by ana johnson.
meant well: the occupation: bsg. ensemble. new caprica. hide and seek by imogen heap.
all fired up: bsg. starbuck. high energy. i don't wanna stop by ozzie osbourne.
swallowed: lost. jack/sawyer. otp. swallowed in the sea by coldplay.
untitled: spn. promo. contest entry. various.
6-feet under water: lost. charlie tribute. sniffle. little things give you away by linkin park.
i feel fine: lost. ensemble. comedy. it's the end of the world as we know it by rem.
times like this: supernatural. dean/jo. crappiest vid ever. times like this by lit.
brotherhood: the black donnelly's. ensemble. vidlet. alex kharmalov & randy miller.
monsters: lost. jack. kate. sawyer. character study. put your lights on by everlast.
this place is a prison: lost. j. k. s. psychological warfare. this place is a prison by the postal service.
scorned: lost. jack/kate/sawyer. triangle. dark. AU. i remember by damien rice.
freshmen: lost. jack. sawyer. character study. freshmen by the verve pipe.

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