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Gonna talk vaguely about Riverdale, Switched at Birth, and Grey's Anatomy in this post. I'll cut anything that might be spoilery.

Anybody watch the pilot of Riverdale? I got PLL vibes in a way. I have many theories and most of them revolve around the Cooper family. It's like the Archie comics meets Twin Peaks kinda.

Switched at Birth finally came back. I thought they were going to cancel it on the worst cliffhanger, but they gave it a final 10 episodes to wrap-up thankfully. Although it's still just as cheesy as ever, I was glad to see these big dumb characters again. Somehow, even while they're trying to making him sympathetic, I'm still "so totally done" with Emmett. They've ruined his character for me. And it drives me crazy how Bay is swayed by it. I'm not supposed to see him as manipulative because he's depressed, but he still feels so emotionally manipulative and very childish/selfish. With Bay, his mom, Travis and Daphne. Every single person in his life that matters to him. I'm going to be so upset if the writers intend to pair him up with either Bay or Daphne (if she and Mingo don't work out, which... they better! It's the only Daphne related pairing that I've remotely liked since Wilke)! Travis is also acting a bit childish, but the idea that they can't fit 3 people in that gigantic apartment is completely ridiculous, so I kind of understand. Plus, while he could have acted like less of a baby about it, he's not exactly wrong. Bay is making the decision because of stupid Emmett, lol. It's so silly how much Emmett annoys me now when I liked him so much in the first couple of seasons. But I can't help it. He just drives me bonkers.

Did anybody watch Grey's last week? I knew I recognized this week's patient but I was really shocked to discover that she's the girl who played Taylor on Finding Carter. I always thought she was one of the weaker cast members on that show, but she did a really good job in the Grey's episode. And I BARELY recognized her. I knew I knew her but when I realized from where I was completely blown away that it was the same girl. I still haven't finished Finding Carter by the way, even though I really liked it. I need to finish it soon!


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